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As only Secure Mobile Virtual Netwerk Operator (S-MVNO) PrioCom offers you the next step in business and mission critical communication, everywhere where the mobile 4G network has coverage. Using ultra rugged Android smartphones which work at best with an advanced industry standard Push-to-Talk application. Integrated into the nationwide T-Mobile network and with priority. Large investments are no longer needed, instead you get an accessible monthly rate.

We offer mission-critical communication in an end-to-end solution that uses a standardised Push-to-Talk application on robust devices connected to the nationwide T-Mobile network. To give our business partners optimal support, we offer our extensive mission critical communications knowledge and support in various ways to deliver the end-2-end service to full customer satisfaction.

The below building blocks are all part of the critical communications ecosystem on 4G managed by PrioCom:

The PrioCom Push to Talk app

Neat looking in simplicity, rich in functionality

Requirements rugged smart phones

To ensure that our Push-to-Talk service functions optimally, we work in close collaboration with various partners. We recommend a selected range of devices and equipment (ATEX and non-ATEX) that have been fully tested, are robust and offer the best performance for using the Push-to-Talk application.

The equipment selected by us meets the following requirements:

  • Minimally IP 67 standardised
  • Shock-proof in accordance with MIL-STD-810G
  • Equipped with a Push-to-Talk button
  • Equipped with an emergency button
  • Equipped with a speaker of at least 2 watts and a diameter of at least 30 mm
  • Equipped with a battery with a capacity of at least 3500 mAh

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