In the construction sector, smart communication not only contributes to efficient work processes; in some cases it can also make the difference between success and an accident.

Large distances

On large construction sites, relatively large distances are involved in the communication between interconnected construction workers and with the site managers. With smart communication, construction workers can consult each other without having to walk across the site to coordinate matters. Smart communication also ensures that site managers who are not physically present can keep up to date about what is happening on the construction site. In addition, smart communication also ensures that the site managers or construction workers on site are in contact with drivers, so they know when supplies will be delivered and can work more efficiently.

Push-to-Talk service

For the construction sector, we offer process and mission-critical communication as a service. Together with our business partners, we equip constructions workers, site managers and drivers with a device with a Push-to-Talk application connected to the nationwide T-Mobile network and a dispatcher (optional). In addition to group communication, the Push-to-Talk application offers construction companies possibilities in the field of data communication, for increased efficiency in work processes.

Exclusive priority

To guarantee access to the nationwide T-Mobile network, PrioCom has established an exclusive priority level. Special capacity is reserved for PrioCom users which is not accessible to non-critical users. The high level of reliability of the T-Mobile network is achieved through emergency power supplies and redundancy of vital components.

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