Communication solutions are becoming increasingly integrated into the healthcare processes of medical institutions to increase efficiency and guarantee the safety of patients, clients, employees and volunteers at all times.

Expensive systems

In general, medical institutions use a two-way radio and pager network. For relatively large medical institutions, investing in a radio and pager network is expensive. It requires the creation of a network infrastructure and links with, for example, the alarm system, the fire panel and the building management system.

Communication outside the coverage area

On-site communication is possible with the radio and pager network. However, it is not uncommon for the staff of many medical institutions to go outside with clients. They are then outside the coverage area of the radio and pager network and must depend on their own smartphone, which does not provide the desired mission-critical communication. If something happens, they must be able to communicate as quickly as possible with colleagues and/or coordinators, regardless of their location.

Different devices

Healthcare professionals often carry around a radio, a pager and their own smartphone in addition to the tools they need to carry out their care tasks. This does not contribute to efficiency in performing their tasks.


Healthcare institutions need a network for group communication with both on-site and off-site coverage. It is imperative that the network guarantees the accessibility and reliability required for mission-critical communication. In addition, the network has to be end-to-end protected. Employees of healthcare institutions need one single device for both speech and data communication.

Push-to-Talk service

We can meet these needs with a Push-to-Talk application connected to the nationwide T-Mobile network. PrioCom has established an exclusive priority level on this network. Only one device is required to use PrioCom’s mission-critical communication solution, suitable for both speech and data communication.

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