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The saying “time is money” applies primarily to the Transport & Logistics sector. To ensure that the logistics processes run as efficiently as possible, smart communication between the drivers and the planning team members is extremely important.

Process-critical communication

In the Transport & Logistics sector, drivers and planning team members are constantly in contact to ensure that products are delivered to the customers as quickly and efficiently as possible. Because the companies operate at a national level, they need a communication network with nationwide coverage. A network that guarantees the accessibility as well as the reliability required for process-critical communication.

Push-to-Talk service

Our Push-to-Talk service with priority over the nationwide T-Mobile network offers companies active in the Transport & Logistics sector a solution. With a Push-to-Talk application on tablets in trucks and a speaker microphone, drivers can always (safely) maintain contact with the planning team members (the dispatcher). Because the T-Mobile network provides nationwide coverage and transport and logistics companies will not have to install an expensive radio communication system, PrioCom’s Push-to-Talk service delivers a huge cost saving.

Exclusive priority

To guarantee access to the nationwide T-Mobile network, PrioCom has established an exclusive priority level on the T-Mobile network. Special capacity is reserved for PrioCom users which is not accessible to outsiders. The connection of a PrioCom user goes through a personal, virtual network slice. A network connection is established more quickly than is the case with radio communication. The prioritised T-Mobile network therefore easily matches up to DMR and TETRA networks. T-Mobile’s network has several overlapping setup points. When one fixed mobile radio fails, another one always takes over.

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