Industry faces ongoing challenges in the area of efficiency and safety. In this market, which is focused on producing as safely and efficiently as possible, an optimal production day matters. Smart communication can contribute significantly to optimising production time, efficiency and employee safety.

Large distances

Relatively large distances are involved in the communication between employees in industry. Achieving a full-coverage private radio communication system is therefore expensive.


The industry sector needs not only a network for group communication that provides full coverage for the entire work site, but also one that guarantees the accessibility and reliability that is a must for mission-critical communication. Employees in the industry sector frequently work under hazardous conditions (including explosion hazard). That is why it is imperative for them to be able to establish a connection 24/7 and call for assistance.

Push-to-Talk service

A Push-to-Talk service with priority over the nationwide T-Mobile network offers industrial organisations a solution. With mission-critical communication as a service, industrial organisations will have the tool that guarantees fast and adequate communication, prevents losses and reduces the risk of accidents. In addition to group communication, PrioCom’s Push-to-Talk application also offers industrial organisations the possibility to benefit from the data communication option (making and sending photos and videos), to make work processes even more efficient.

Exclusive priority

To guarantee access to the nationwide T-Mobile network, we have established an exclusive priority level on the T-Mobile network. Special capacity is reserved for PrioCom users which is not accessible to outsiders. The high level of network reliability is achieved through emergency power supplies and redundancy of vital components.

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