Communication at events with high visitor numbers is crucially important. The organisation, security personnel and emergency services must maintain a continuous connection to maintain a clear overview and guarantee safety.

Large distances

In many cases, considerable distances are involved in the communication. For example, when it involves a large festival site or a sporting event with a route of many kilometres. Because of the large geographic area, a connection to the nationwide, public two-way radio network seems to make sense. However, in practice it is not always possible to achieve full coverage.


Event organisations need a network for group communication that not only provides coverage for the entire event site, but also guarantees the accessibility and reliability required for mission-critical communication.

Mission-critical communication as a service

We offer event organisations mission-critical communication as a service. Together with our business partners, we equip the organisation, security personnel and emergency service providers with a device with a Push-to-Talk application connected to the nationwide T-Mobile network and a dispatcher.

Reserved capacity

A high level of network accessibility is achieved because capacity has been reserved especially for PrioCom users. This capacity is not accessible to the attendees at the event, even when they all start calling and exchanging information during a disaster. The high level of network reliability is achieved through emergency power supplies and redundancy of vital components.

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