In order to ensure the optimum safety of property, visitors and/or employees, communication between the security personnel themselves and with the control room is essential. They must be able to make a connection under all circumstances.

Large distances

Often, large distances are involved in the communication between interconnected security personnel and with the central control room. For example, if their working area is a large festival site, a shopping centre, museum, airport or government building. Because of the relatively large working area, a private mobile radio communication system is expensive. In some cases, a connection to the nationwide, public two-way radio network seems to make sense. However, in practice it is not always possible to achieve full coverage.


Security personnel not only need a network for group communication that provides full coverage for their entire working area, but also one that guarantees the accessibility and reliability that is a must for mission-critical communication, in order to guarantee security.


Push-to-Talk service

We offer security personnel mission-critical communication as a service. We provide them with a device with a Push-to-Talk application connected to the nationwide T-Mobile network and a control room. In addition to group communication, the Push-to-Talk application also offers security personnel the possibility to take photos and record videos and send them to the control room.

Exclusive priority

To guarantee access to the nationwide T-Mobile network, PrioCom has established an exclusive priority level on the T-Mobile network. Special capacity is reserved for PrioCom users which is not accessible to non-critical users. A high level of network accessibility and reliability is achieved through emergency power supplies and redundancy of vital components.

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