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Sonim Technologies is the supplier of the most robust, watertight mobile phones in the world, specially designed for workers in demanding and hazardous environments. Sonim specializes in critical communication tools for workers in vertical market segments including construction, security, oil, gas and chemical companies, utility organizations, transport and logistics, forestry, agriculture and defense.

About Sonim

Sonim works with leading application developers in the industry to offer a range of high performance critical communication solutions for workers including Push-to-Talk, lone-worker / man-down safety services, mobile resource management and time and activity registration. Sonim’s solution enables companies and governments to keep their mobile workers safe, efficient and responsible.

Sonim’s mission is to support first aid providers and public safety employees with innovative, ultra-robust mobile devices that keep workers safe and in contact in dangerous, isolated or emergency situations. Together with Firstnet, Sonim offers innovative, specialized tools to provide public safety employees with communication options that allow them to focus on keeping themselves and their communities safe.

The company is based in San Mateo, California and offers its solutions to leading mobile operators worldwide. For more information, visit the website of Sonim.

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