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Device partner

To ensure optimal operation of our Push-to-Talk service, we have tight collaborative working relationships with various hardware suppliers. One of those suppliers is Pepperl+Fuchs (also known in the Netherlands as Ecom; Ecom Instruments was acquired by Pepperl+Fuchs at the end of 2016).

About Pepperl+Fuchs

Pepperl+Fuchs is an internationally recognised pioneer and market leader in the field of mobile equipment for use in explosion-hazardous surroundings. Pepperl+Fuchs offers a wide range of solutions that have proved their worth in practice.

Whether it involves an industrial PDA, a smartphone, a measuring device or a flashlight; Pepperl+Fuchs’ products are designed down to the smallest detail. They combine safety with the highest level of functionality and are provided with all licences and certificates required for their intended use.


Pepperl+Fuchs considers itself a partner of its end-users, working in sectors such as the (petro)chemical and pharmaceutical industries and mining. Their safety is the benchmark for the way Pepperl+Fuchs works. Based on their ideas, the employees of Pepperl+Fuchs work with the utmost care and passion on new solutions to make explosion-hazardous atmospheres safer, more flexible and more efficient.

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