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To ensure optimal operation of our Push-to-Talk service, we have tight collaborative working relationships with various hardware suppliers. One of those suppliers is MOBILE.

About MOBILE MOBILE is an expert in the field of mobile communication equipment for use in potentially explosive atmospheres. From robust cell phones to advanced smartphones, for ATEX zones 1 and 2, including matching accessories. MOBILE has had its products tested and certified around the globe by various renowned institutions to ensure that they meet all country-specific requirements and needs. MOBILE includes all international standards in its product development and is also a member of several relevant standardisation commissions. To meet all requirements for explosion-proof communication equipment, MOBILE develops its products from the ground up. This way, users all around the globe can be assured of using high-quality communication technology that meets current standards.

For more information visit the website or watch the corporate movie. 

Click on the device for more information about the IS520.1 ATEX. mobile maps


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