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Marketing support

To optimally support you as a partner (reseller), we offer you our product knowledge and our commercial knowledge and support in various ways.

Placing a new service on the market involves a lot. From coming up with a name for the new service to setting up a web page on your website and from developing commercial documentation to setting up an online marketing campaign. All your expressions must be provided with the right message, tailored to the right target group. We are happy to think along with you to put the mission-critical communication service for your organization on the map.

Sales support

Putting a new service on the market also demands a lot from your sales organization. Your Account Managers must be sent into the field well prepared. PrioCom offers sales training for this. For complex sales processes, we also like to go with you to your customers or prospects. With your knowledge of your relationship and its business and communication processes and our knowledge of the mission-critical communication service, we can answer all questions of your relationship correctly.

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