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Device Certification

To ensure that our Push-to-Talk service functions optimally, we work in close collaboration with various hardware suppliers. We recommend a selected range of devices and equipment (ATEX and non-ATEX) that have been fully tested, are robust and offer the best performance for using the Push-to-Talk application.

Requirements rugged smart phones

The equipment selected by us meets the following requirements:

  • Minimally IP 67 standardised
  • Shock-proof in accordance with MIL-STD-810G
  • Equipped with a Push-to-Talk button
  • Equipped with a speaker of at least 2 watts and a diameter of at least 30 mm
  • Equipped with a battery with a capacity of at least 3500 mAh

To ensure optimal operation of our Push-to-Talk service, we have tight collaborative working relationships with various hardware suppliers.

Mobile Device Management

To ensure optimal operation of our Push-to-Talk application, our partners can operate Mobile Device Management for you. They can guarantee that the equipment is only used for those applications that are required for the safe and efficient execution of the work by the user.

A wide choice of robust devices

Device Certification
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