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The University Medical Center Utrecht, abbreviated UMC Utrecht, is the academic hospital affiliated with Utrecht University. It was created in 1999 from the merger of the Academisch Ziekenhuis Utrecht (AZU), the Wilhelmina Kinderziekenhuis (WKZ), the Ooglijdersgasthuis (OLGH), the Special Dentistry of the Faculty of Dentistry, and the Medical Faculty of Utrecht University (MFU).
The UMC Utrecht has over 1000 beds and more than 12000 employees. The units are located in various buildings at the university centre in the Utrecht Science Park. The Central Military Hospital (CMH) is connected to the UMC and the Sanquin blood bank is also located in the complex. The hospital is one of eleven trauma centres in the Netherlands and has a Mobile Medical Team.

System integrator

You can imagine that in such a large and complex university medical centre, everyone must be in perfect communication with each other 24 hours a day, seven days a week. And not only that, the in-house emergency response team also has a major task to be both preventive and active 24/7 to know what is going on. Our business partner Flash Mobile Private Networks has been involved with the UMC Utrecht as a system integrator for a number of years, advising on equipment and inventive solutions. On the one hand, the UMC Utrecht uses the walkie-talkie network for security and the fire brigade, and on the other hand, they were looking for a solution for patient-oriented communication in the COHORT departments in connection with the Corona outbreak.

Efficient FAFS application

The BHV, security and fire services of UMC Utrecht were using traditional walkie-talkies. Their need was not only for improved reachability and coverage but also for more modern equipment that would allow for more in the future. Marco Morelis, senior account manager of our business partner Flash Private Mobile Networks recommended the use of Sonim XP8 smart devices on the existing network of UMC Utrecht.
Marco: ‘These Sonim XP8 smartdevices have the same functionality as the traditional walkie-talkies with Push-to-talk function and the possibility to add future-oriented business applications. This offers many advantages, as this control room application can, for example, create dynamic groups. When an incident is reported, the right employees are immediately involved so that others are not affected by the communication traffic. The users are then efficiently managed so that no time is lost and help can be provided quickly and adequately. As soon as the incident is over, the users return to their normal work situation. There is also a link to communication recording. The conversations on all channels are recorded so that you can listen to them again at any time. If an incident occurs, you can check all protocols and trace what exactly happened. The visibility and visualisation of this dispatcher is unique.

Anticipating the new normal

Another need of UMC Utrecht was patient-oriented communication in the Cohort departments. Since the outbreak of COVID 19, a lot has changed and many nurses had to work alone and with adapted measures. Marco Morelis recommended a per-patient device, linked to the dispatcher so that there is direct one-to-one communication between the care desk and the nurse. In practice, this means shorter lines because the care counter can communicate directly with the nurse and the other nurses on duty are not disturbed by this communication traffic. It is also used when there is a nurse in an isolation room with the Corona patient to consult or assist. The nurse can also be called directly, both the user and the care counter can see a missed call and this direct communication prevents a lot of walking around. Nurses can easily consult with the receptionist about, for example, a file, and if they have missed a call, they will see this immediately. Another advantage is that the Sonim XP8 is very easy to disinfect, as it is waterproof. So when you are washing your hands, you can just hold the phone under the tap and disinfect it with soap and water, which is unique for a smartdevice. You can see it on this video

PrioCom and Sonim XP8 advantages:

  • Unique one-to-one conversations; with traditional solutions, others in a group communication always hear other conversations too, and not here.
  • Operation of the dispatcher is leading for communication: the dispatcher communicates per unit, we call that the direction function.
  • Flexibility in structure: you can scale up or down the number of users depending on how busy it is and what you want.
  • Mobility: the care counter only needs a laptop with the software on which the dispatcher works; when you move or relocate a department, you can easily move it along.
  • Hands-free calling: with one click on the button, you are immediately in contact with the desired nurse. The dispatcher is user-friendly and clear.
  • Efficient communication
  • Possibilities for various applications
  • Control room can create dynamic groups.
  • Push-to-talk function
  • The device is programmed and set up completely according to requirements.
  • The device is not noisy, the patient is not disturbed.

The nurses have their own device so that they are in direct contact with the control room for safety reasons. Another advantage is that this efficient communication between patient and nurse minimises walking movements and therefore less changing in isolation rooms.

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