Terrain covering network for TU Delft campus!

Imagine that every day about 27,000 people stay on the campus of TU Delft. Students, scientists, visitors and employees of the university and of companies make their way across a campus that is larger than the inner city of Delft.

In fact, it is one of the largest university campuses in the world. The campus is used intensively by all visitors and will continue to grow in the coming years. Not only accessibility and liveability are important, especially safety must be guaranteed.

In November 2018, Sebastiaan Star, Manager of Campus Safety, was commissioned to provide the bikers with a reliable communication solution, with emergency button function and that the consignment service, or standby service, could be involved in incidents directly from home.

Sebastiaan took this assignment to Flash Private Mobile Network, business partner of PrioCom.

Campus security

To provide security, reliable communication is crucial. Communication starts with a network that is always available and never lets you down. On the campus of TU Delft, 161 hectares in size, the buildings are equipped with a ‘traditional’ walkie-talkie solution of Flash. The grounds themselves are secured by the so-called ‘bikers’, security guards who guard the grounds by bicycle during the day. TU Delft is one of the largest campuses in the world. The campus is equipped with an extensive bicycle and pedestrian network. The TU Delft campus has a green and park-like character. Large parts of the campus are therefore only accessible on foot, by bicycle or by public transport.

In order to achieve the desired campus coverage, significant investments would have to be made in the existing walkie-talkie systems with the expansion of radio transmitters, or an alternative would have to be found: Smart Com.  Flash markets the PrioCom mission-critical voice and data service under the name Smart Com.

The strength of the Smart Com solution is that it is comparable to the quality of a Tetra walkie-talkie network but is much more flexible in use and offers national coverage. In the event of an emergency, this can be life-saving, especially since the campus is so large.

PrioCom’s mission-critical voice and data service uses the T-Mobile 4G network. A high level of network availability is achieved in part by having capacity reserved specifically for PrioCom users. This capacity is not accessible for non-critical users. This means that users can communicate anytime, anywhere ‘

“If you want a communication solution with a network that covers the entire campus, you soon end up with technology such as that of PrioCom’.”

Sebastiaan Star

PrioCom offers a nationwide network. In case of incidents, the control room can call up the consignment service and have them join the call group directly from home. In this way they are fully informed when they arrive at their destination.

Future-proof solution

The arrival of Corona clearly demonstrated the importance of a flexible and future-proof voice and data solution. Although it is quieter on campus, more stewards are involved to keep the flow of visitors under control. Additional cameras have been temporarily installed to assess whether visitors to the campus are able to keep 1.5 meters away. A dispatcher in the control room reviews the camera footage in real time. Because it is difficult to estimate distances on the camera, a biker is physically sent to the relevant location.

Even more reasons why TU Delft chooses PrioCom:

  • Campus-wide network, in case of incidents also to be used off-campus by consignment service
  • Current positioning of the guards
  • Dynamically create groups and assign users to them in case of incidents
  • Flexible scaling for extra security during events.
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