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Guaranteed communication at the largest fairground in the Benelux!

The Tilburg Fair is the largest fairground in the Benelux. With a daily flow of thousands of visitors, safety comes first. The Municipality of Tilburg therefore requires guaranteed communication for all parties involved. The modified edition was spread over three areas and a maximum of 8,000 visitors were allowed in connection with the 1.5-metre distance rule. As part of the safety plan, 75 smart devices were equipped with our PrioCom solution, an application for sending voice and data messages, for guaranteed communication under all circumstances.

Safety plan according to COVID-19

In order to guarantee security, the municipality of Tilburg imposed two important conditions:

  • Supervision of employees to ensure the safety of visitors.
  • Guaranteed communication in case of emergencies.

Based on these conditions, four cooperating parties: Flash Private Mobile Networks, Safeshop, Profi-Sec and Safesight drew up a safety plan for security and first aid. This took into account the prevailing COVID-19 measures.

In order to regulate the flow of visitors, visitors were admitted to the fairgrounds in time blocks. Long queues and congestion on the communication network were taken into account in advance. To guarantee priority over other users on the communication network, security and first aid were equipped with the PrioCom application on their smart devices. This means that even in the event of a calamity, users are guaranteed to be in contact with the command post or colleagues at the push of a button, using Push to Talk.

Up-to-date insight through GPS localisation

In order to ensure safe and efficient communication between all employees, business partner Flash Private Mobile Networks supplied 75 smart devices and a dispatcher at the command post of the Tilburg municipal police station. The dispatcher provided up-to-date information about the GPS positions of all those involved on a map. This made it possible to monitor whether employees were in the right positions and, during incidents, to quickly switch to the nearest colleagues. Security guards and first aiders were able to intervene quickly where necessary to guarantee the safety of visitors.


Sharing knowledge and providing valuable information on safety and location during the Tilburg Fair was of added value. There was good communication range and guaranteed availability during the entire event. Thus, in this adjusted edition, the Tilburg Fair 2021 was once again a great success!

More information?

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