Our core values constitute the DNA of our organisation. They contribute to our unique service to customers. These are our core values:


We consciously opt to connect with our partners. We prefer a strategic partnership between three parties: T-Mobile, the business partner and PrioCom. T-Mobile provides a reliable network, the business partner guarantees client-specific services, and PrioCom is focused on the performance and future development of the Push-to-Talk application. This focus on mutual cooperation ultimately offers customers the best service. We connect with the market. We know the customers’ processes, what is going on and what they need. We invest in long-term relationships with our partners.


We have knowledge and expertise in mission-critical communication. We know what is involved and what is needed. We share this knowledge and give our business partners and their customers advice.


We are at the full disposal of our business partners and their customers. With us, it is 100% about the customer. This applies to both our business partners and our end-users. After all, they are the ultimate beneficiaries of our solutions. We offer our solutions as a total service so that our customers can have a completely “worry-free” experience. We give advice, share our ideas and deliver customised solutions. We are a professional dialogue partner for our partners, who they can always count on.


PrioCom is innovative on the following points:

  • Our position as start-up MVNO in critical communication in the established market of mobile operators.
  • The collaborative construction with a mobile operator and resellers for process and mission-critical communication.
  • The Push-to-Talk solution we offer as a complete service on 4G.

We are also reliable. After all, we are dealing with business and mission-critical communication. Sound knowledge and expertise is needed. Proven technology and reliable partners. Hold on to what is good and continue to develop it. That’s how we do it.


We opt for continuity. Our business partners and their customers must be able to count on reliable communication. After all, this is often business or mission-critical. Using both proven technology and new technologies, we develop new solutions that guarantee reliable and future-proof communication. The configuration of our organisation is focused on continuity. We manage our solutions and (development) processes. We have a long-term vision in which we make every effort to have sustainable customer relationships and provide optimal and “worry-free” service together with our business partners.

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