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Mutual trust is the base for the unique cooperation between T-Mobile, PrioCom and its business partners

T-Mobile is in our opinion the best provider. Year after year they received the award for the best network in the Netherlands.

One of the many satisfied users

Besides being our connectivity partner, T-Mobile is also one of the many satisfied users of PrioCom. Both the Security and the BHV of T-Mobile offices use our Push-to-Talk application delivered by business partner Flash Private Mobile Networks.

Dennis de Bruin, Manager Security Operations at T-Mobile, has been working with the system since the beginning of 2021 and is more than satisfied: “It is really an improvement compared to the radios we had before, especially the national coverage is very handy. Not only to keep in touch with different locations, but also because I can now just listen in from home and help out in case of an emergency.”

Nationwide coverage

From the headquarters in The Hague, switchboard operators oversee four main T-Mobile locations. Naturally, this includes the head office. “Does a fire alarm go off somewhere or does an office need to be evacuated? Also during such a deployment in the rest of the country, for example in one of the more than 100 retail shops or at a company event, the use of the same PrioCom system is possible to make this much safer and more efficient.

The limited functionality of traditional walkie-talkies and TETRA systems is hard to imagine in this digital age. It is clear that mission- and business critical communication can be done much better nowadays. Fortunately PrioCom is there together with T-Mobile to save the day.


Franklin Brandse (account manager business partner Flash Private Mobile Network): “With our knowledge, experience and passion for mission critical communication we make organisations safer and more efficient. With a critical attitude, we always look for the question behind the question. That is how we come to the best advice”.

Nico Hortensius (Business Development Manager) “We consciously choose for the strategic cooperation between three parties. T-Mobile offers us a reliable network with data priority (PrioCom is specialised provider on the T-Mobile network), we monitor the performance and development of the Push-to-Talk application and our business partners take care of customer specific services (sales, implementation, support). With this focus we can jointly offer PrioCom end users the best quality.

Richard Marijs, Network Strategist at T-Mobile, explains: “T-Mobile believes precisely in combining strength, knowledge and experience. Instead of developing it in-house. We choose to develop this critical (group) communication with network priority with partner PrioCom. We provide our best tested mobile network, and they provide the technology behind this niche service. PrioCom is a party that has the right knowledge and experience and can continue to focus on the long term development of this type of service for this market.

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