LatinVillage uses Flash Smart Com, powered by PrioCom, for 4G critical voice & data communication

Swinging music festival LatinVillage has just taken place for the fifteenth consecutive year. This year, the Spaarnwoude recreational area was transformed into a tropical music paradise for not just one but two days, welcoming more than 30,000 visitors. To guarantee the safety of festival goers, traffic controllers and festival staff were provided with critical communication with priority using 4G.

With 11 stages, LatinVillage covers a large area where staff have to be able to communicate with each other securely and effectively. To provide all users throughout the site with fast and guaranteed group communication, LatinVillage got help from PrioCom partner Flash Private Mobile Networks. They market our Push-to-Talk solution under the name Flash Smart Com. Flash will be responsible for communication at the festival for the next 2 years.

Good access and mobility are vital at such a large event. Lots of cars, coaches, shuttle buses and taxis all have to be able to reach the site in a short period of time. All this without congestion and without disturbing the surrounding residential areas. To achieve this, a very detailed mobility plan was drawn up with strict requirements for guaranteed critical (group) communication, real-time location determination and dynamic control from the control post.

Joint project team

To successfully meet all the above requirements, Flash asked its partner PrioCom to help implement the plan and so a joint project team was set up to this end.

Working safely and reliably

The 180 traffic controllers, parking attendants, checkout staff and their managers were all provided with a robust smart Android device with the Push-to-Talk (PTT) solution from PrioCom. Characteristic of this solution is that it uses the T-Mobile 4G network and has exclusive data priority. This ensures guaranteed availability even when there are 30,000 users in a small area. In addition to the smart devices, a state-of-the-art dispatch system was also provided to provide all necessary communication from the control post: existing conversation groups, dynamic conversation groups, one-to-one calls and priority calls. Another unique feature was the map, which showed the real time positions of all users. These users could also be called using the map.

Additional masts

A festival is the ideal occasion to stream data. In order to offer guaranteed communication at peak times, 2 additional masts were installed in collaboration with T-Mobile. These ‘Cells on Wheels’ masts increased the capacity and guaranteed coverage of the network, giving all users guaranteed availability, always and everywhere.

Easy and secure payment

In the past, mobile debit card payments were prone to malfunctions due to an overloaded mobile network, which led to frustration among employees and visitors, long queues at the checkout and loss of income. To overcome this, all mobile debit card payment devices were equipped with PrioCom’s priority SIM cards this year, ensuring flawless payment transactions.

Local support

During the festival, PrioCom and Flash staff were present for operational support. This involved more or less 24/7 support for both the control post and the entire festival site. Flash took care of the logistics.

Thanks to Flash Smart Com, the coming and going of thousands of festival goers all ran smoothly.

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