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Viggo chooses one device for use of own ViCom app and PrioCom voice & data and is therefore accessible from the platform to the cockpit

Airport service provider, Viggo is operationally active at the largest airports in the Netherlands and provides Cargo, Security, Cleaning and Ground Handling services.

One of the success factors of Viggo is their self-developed application, ViCom, which enables the live sharing and input of operational data. The application offers the right employee the right operational information at the right time. An integral approach that benefits Viggo’s customers, such as airlines, because data can be sent and received within a secure environment that is outside the ViCom application environment.

Together with our business partner Flash Private Mobile Networks, we have implemented our innovative mission-critical voice and data communication solution for Viggo. The existing walkie-talkies have been replaced by LTE smart devices and equipped with our mission-critical Push-to-Talk application

The smart devices have a user-friendly interface which only displays the Push-to-Talk and ViCom applications. Management of these applications is done remotely.

The network connectivity of PrioCom guarantees secure communication through a direct integration on the national 4G/LTE network of T-Mobile. Optimal availability is guaranteed by exclusive prioritised access. Because of this, the functioning of the application is always guaranteed, also during peak moments. Baggage handling at Schiphol Airport, for example, is therefore not hindered and can continue without interruption. By using a private virtual network, the ViCom application always runs in the mission-critical network.

With this reliable ecosystem, Viggo ensures business and mission-critical voice and data communication from landside (before customs) to secure airside (behind customs) to the cockpit in aircraft. And all that with just one device, a cherished wish from the Smart Solutions approach of Viggo.

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