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PrioCom & Safesight – The ideal combination of digitalisation and critical communication

Security is a critical success factor for almost any organisation. Without a safe environment, a team cannot function.

Properly organising safety is a shared responsibility: of management, security, employees on the floor, the in-house emergency response team, information, etc. Thorough preparation, clarity about the division of responsibilities and tasks and good information provision are crucial in this respect. Just like mutual communication.

To secure this process optimally, PrioCom works together with the software application Safesight.

Communication with priority

At PrioCom we deal a lot with human-human communication in so-called critical situations. Or with man-machine communication within work processes. Such communication is part of the safety plan of an organisation to give substance to safety management. We fulfil these needs with specific smart terminals with Push-To-Talk application, equipped with a SIM card that operates on a nationwide 4G/4G+ network. PrioCom can deliver priority communication because our service is directly integrated in the core of the T-Mobile mobile network, so that operation (even in busy network situations) can be guaranteed. A smart dispatch and dashboard function of the PTT users and communication and location logging can become part of the critical group communication needs. These SIM cards are also used in tablets or devices within the work process. Also see our application.


Safer and more efficient

Ensuring a safe environment is always a shared responsibility. This applies to an event, a stadium or a construction site. The Safesight mission is clear: by creating the most practical and user-friendly platform available, we enable organisations to work together more safely, efficiently and effectively.

For example, our platform ensures that all employees, suppliers, partners and other stakeholders know the various (safety) plans, protocols and agreements and can implement them. Demonstrable. The services are efficient, measurable and transparent. And if an incident or calamity occurs? Then Safesight enables organisations to act decisively, efficiently and safely. Working with Safesight thus limits the chance and impact of incidents.

SmartPorto with SIM card

Both applications/platforms can run fully on smart porto’s that are equipped with the right “emergency buttons” and are “ruggedised” enough for challenging conditions. The smartporto with SIM card is used in the safety workflow to prevent problems and in case business and mission critical communication is required can be used directly on the basis of Push-To-Talk. The combination of the platform and the smartporto guarantees that employees have the right tools at their disposal at all times to ensure ‘safety’ – even in the event of an incident or calamity.


Safesight as well as PrioCom and its partners are happy to work together on the digitisation of/and advice on solutions for security issues. Without naming substantive customer cases, the following user groups can be considered:

  • Football stadium supporters who check and clear the stadium on various aspects in order to admit the public and who keep an eye on things during a match and communicate with the control room in the stadium where necessary;
  • High-voltage distribution station for electricians, which automatically switches the LoneWorker Protect application “on” for employee safety on the basis of geo-fencing. When entering this area, up-to-date environmental/safety information is available and a number of safety control tasks must be carried out and ticked off before actually being allowed to work;
  • Site managers of a site/campus who want to know from traffic controllers what the status is of supply traffic or directing traffic to other exits or parking areas in order to prevent congestion and thus dangerous situations from arising;
  • Safety core team members for large one- or multi-day city events in which the influx of public can come from various sides of the city and in which broad supervision must be exercised before, during and after the event. Any vandalism or dangerous situations must be reported.

If you would like to know more about the possibilities and our cooperation within the various ecosystems, we can be reached at: and +31(0)20-2615081 and +31(0)88-2500488

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