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Collaboration business partners

PrioCom works with business partners who bring our solution to the market, carry out the implementation and provide 24/7 support. For this we train and educate our business partners and of course we provide the necessary documentation. Every business partner has its own environment on our partner portal where they have access to all documents and can also upload things. A business partner can always fall back on the specialist knowledge of the PrioCom staff. What do you have to think about?


Regularly we are asked to support in the (pre)sales process. This can be giving joint presentations, explaining specific functionalities, working out integration issues, etc. Also making a demo environment available to our end customers is part of the possibilities. Business partners working in the government domain are of course subject to European tendering rules. Although PrioCom never tenders itself, we do help our business partners by answering questions that require in-depth knowledge.


The basis for a successful implementation is a fleet map agreed with the end customer. A fleetmap describes which functionalities are made available to people, but also which call groups should be in place. The PrioCom system is characterised by its very flexible and fully online configurable set-up. We guide sessions where end users and management can see real time what the operational consequences are of certain choices. This cuts both ways: the end customer knows exactly what they get and the users involved are used as train-the-trainer afterwards during the actual implementation and going live.


The basic agreement we have is that our business partners support their customers 24/7. PrioCom offers 24/7 support and expertise to its business partners.
We strive to give our business partners the best possible service by offering our product knowledge, commercial knowledge and support.


Do you have any questions or are you curious what the cooperation can mean for your organisation or do you want to know the advantages of becoming a PrioCom business partner? Please contact us or plan a Walk & Talk.

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