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The 5 Cs

The 5 Cs

A communication solution must always meet the 5 Cs formula, standing for Coverage, Capacity, Cost, Control and Capabilities. We would like to explain why our Push-to-Talk service complies with this.

  • Coverage

    By Coverage, we mean coverage that must always meet customer needs. As a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) for mission-critical communication, we provide priority Quality of Service on T-Mobile’s nationwide network. With over 5,000 masts, the T-Mobile network offers the highest data capacity and the best national 4G/4G+ coverage.

  • Capacity

    By Capacity, we mean that the network must always have sufficient capacity to handle traffic even during congestion. Our Push-to-Talk service across the T-Mobile network provides Quality of Service through integration into the T-Mobile network core, with communication running through a private connection. Our priority module allows users to prioritise the T-Mobile network during escalations that can cause congestion.

  • Cost

    Cost means that costs must be manageable, without large initial investments in a network and frequencies. For a fixed fee per month per user, group communication with our Push-to-Talk service is guaranteed. End users will never face unexpected costs.

  • Control

    It is important to be in Control of the solution; it must be designed for specific use. In our case, ‘group communication’. Our total Push-to-Talk solution is designed to ensure that group communication is set up end-to-end. From network connectivity to service delivery by our business partners. As a total service that we can control together with our partners.

  • Capabilities

    The communication solution should provide (Capabilities) that meet customers’ needs and wishes. We have established our Push-to-Talk so that the service on devices is always guaranteed. Mobile Device Management avoids disruptions on the functionality, to enable constant Push-to-Talk-based group communication.

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