Telo bridges the communication gap between
consumer and industry

Since the establishment of Telo Systems in 2014, this Chinese organization has been supplying more than 50 countries worldwide. Key vital sectors such as industry, healthcare, government, security, construction, transportation and logistics have relied on its rugged walkie-talkies, smartphones and devices specifically designed for these markets for years. Telo understands the world of mission-critical communications like no other and sees potential for innovative developments with broadband and Internet technology. The research and development team at Telo focuses on developing robust products that bring added value to customers. Since 2018, PrioCom has partnered with Telo device partner and provides the sim card for the shielded and prioritized portion of the T-Mobile network, the app for push-to-talk communication, GPS location determination and photo and video sharing.

Excellent price/quality ratio

In the forest of manufacturers, PrioCom deliberately chose this supplier with an excellent price/quality ratio. Telo has its own factory in Shenzhen and develops its own production line with high quality products compared to other Chinese manufacturers. PrioCom has visited the factory in Shenzhen several times and during the visits we were convinced of the excellent quality and functionality. The Telo quality control is very strict and according to European standards. The technical support team is very solution-oriented, offers on-site training and excellent support. Their motto is not for nothing: “grow together with our customers!” The 4G walkie-talkie type TE590 that Priocom has good experiences with, is used all over the world, has a handy PTT button, Bluetooth and WiFi and is dust-, water- and drop-proof. A very complete and good device at a competitive price.

Guaranteed voice and data communication

Today’s challenges place increasing demands on enterprises in an increasingly mobile world in which we work. Industries and enterprises need cost-effective ways to run their operations efficiently in real time, wherever their teams are. With an advanced industry-standard Push-to-Talk application. Integrated into the T-Mobile network and prioritized so a message always arrives. Guaranteed, both voice and data. Because how efficient is it to immediately share a photo, video or document with colleagues under mission-critical conditions? That is possible with this type of device, a robust smartphone with the functions of a walkie-talkie.

Telo TE590 4G walkie-talkie

The Telo TE590 is an ultra rugged smartphone with the functions of a walkie-talkie. The device supports Android and communicates via the 4G network, so you can use the smartphone anywhere in the world. Take photos and videos with the built-in camera and easily share them with your colleagues. Telo is used at Dutch university campuses, by administrators active on the Dutch roads, with enforcement in public spaces but also facility staff make daily use of the benefits.

Features Telo TE590

  • Ultra-rugged 4G walkie-talkie
  • With very bright 3.4 inch touchscreen
  • Runs on Android
  • Built-in camera at the front (2MP) and back (13MP)
  • Communicates over 3G and 4G networks
  • PTT button for direct connection
  • Dust and water resistant (IP68)
  • Drop resistance up to 1.5 meters
  • Bluetooth, WiFi, NFC and GPS
  • 2W speaker, suitable for noisy environments
  • With 4200 mAh battery, charging via USB-C or desktop charger

4G walkie-talkie

The Telo TE590 is an ultra-rugged 4G walkie-talkie that can withstand the toughest conditions. Just insert a PrioCom SIM card and you can communicate with your colleagues anywhere. Press the PTT button to establish a direct voice connection with a group or contact. The built-in battery has a capacity of 4200 mAh for a long operating time. The Telo TE590 runs on Android and is expandable with additional apps (download via Google Play Store). In addition to the SIM card with valid subscription, you will need a licence for the PrioCom app.

Bright 3.5 inch touch screen

Like a smartphone, the Telo TE590 has a bright 3.5 inch touch screen. Operate the device via this screen or use the navigation keys on the bottom. The screen is very easy to read in direct sunlight and automatically adjusts its brightness according to the ambient light.

Robust casing, versatile

The Telo TE590’s robust housing makes it dust- and water-proof (IP68) and drop-resistant to 1.5 metres. You can even use it with wet fingers or gloves. Furthermore, it has various (safety) features such as an SOS button and GPS so you can always find out the location of the walkie-talkie. The Telo TE590 is therefore suitable for use in a wide range of sectors, such as industry, security, healthcare and logistics.

Clear audio quality

Wherever you are, with the Telo TE590 you can always understand your conversation partner. That’s because the 4G walkie-talkie features a high-quality 2W speaker. It produces such clear sound quality that you can communicate without problems even in noisy environments.

Built-in camera

In some cases, voice communication alone is not enough. That’s why the Telo TE590 has a built-in camera at the front (2MP) and back (13MP). This allows you to take photos and videos which you can then easily share with your colleagues.



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