PrioCom LoneWorker Protect solves restrictions in resuming risky work in Covid19 crisis


In the current Covid19 crisis, many organizations operate in an emergency scenario. The pressure to resume actual activities is increasing. However, this is accompanied by the necessary restrictions, because the risk of spreading the Covid 19 virus must be limited as much as possible.

 These risks are increasingly apparent and PrioCom and selected partner have solutions that allow you to resume risky operations with appropriate risk mitigation measures.

PrioCom, together with selected partners, is launching an introduction campaign about the new PrioCom LoneWorker Protect service that offers solutions in this area. With a complete communication mix of animations, infographic leaflet, campaign web pages and LinkedIn advertising in partner branding, the partner is supported by PrioCom to make this new service known to relations and to the market. PrioCom wants to distinguish itself with partners as a mission critical communication provider by offering optimal support to partners in the successful marketing of its total service package. 

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