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LoneWorker Protect

In high-risk professions, where employees sometimes work alone in risky situations, guaranteeing safety is essential. In industry, logistics, transport, security or care, people regularly work in risky conditions where there is no immediate supervision. For example, an employee may be walking alone on an industrial site and have an accident or become unconscious. We now offer a solution for these lone workers: the LoneWorker Protect application.

Safety first

With PrioCom Loneworker Protect, the app tracks movement activities. When no movement is detected, the app calls for help. Everyone connected to the app is notified to respond or to go and check on the spot. In this way, lone workers are assured of direct contact with assistance 24 hours a day, seven days a week, in the event of an emergency.

If someone is working alone and something happens to them, how can you offer them safety? After all, that person cannot call for help because he or she is in trouble. Think of situations in which a person becomes unconscious, falls, is trapped or is in a threatening situation. PrioCom Loneworker Protect is an effective solution to offer safety to your employees.

Reduced staffing levels during holidays

It is important that your employees feel safe in all circumstances. They know that help will be called in quickly and efficiently when there is no movement for a pre-set period of time. Especially in the upcoming holiday period with less manpower or when colleagues drop out, PrioCom Loneworker Protect offers a solution. Together with your safety expert or HSE manager, we analyse the risks. We link these to the sensors set up in the working environment, for immediate alarm and follow-up. When these sensors exceed a limit value, an alarm is sent to the control room with your location. The control room listens in while help is on the way! Authorised employees can also receive an alarm signal.

The LoneWorker Protect application is part of the PrioCom standardised push-to-talk platform, which is integrated into the T-Mobile network. This way you are always in contact with the relevant emergency services. Now and in the future!

We work with robust Android ATEX/NON-ATEX devices that continue to function even in harsh conditions or during incidents and work optimally with the LoneWorker application.

Key features:

  • Emergency button relays alarm and position directly to the control room
  • Adjustable sensors on units for immediate, automatic alarm in the event of an accident
  • 24 hours a day, 7 days a week security
  • Control room listens in and immediately activates emergency services
  • Robust Android devices, certified to exacting standards of single-worker safety
  • Guaranteed alarm thanks to integration with the T-Mobile mobile network with priority
  • Ideal for industry, transport and logistics, security, healthcare and utilities.

Are you curious about the possibilities we can offer you? Please contact us, without obligation, and we will be happy to discuss the possibilities with you.

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