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Combining current with new technology in mission-critical communication

New technologies

For many decades, the well-known walkie-talkies have been the most reliable and secure means of mission-critical communication. The army was the first to use them, and later the vital sectors and the business community integrated walkie-talkies into their mission-critical communication systems. In critical situations, one push of a button on the walkie-talkie is enough to guarantee connection.

However, with the development of new technologies, so much more is now possible, especially in the area of geographical freedom, location determination, integration of images and other data communication possibilities that the traditional systems cannot offer. With the introduction of new technology, one always asks the question: what do I do with the current technology? Has it already been written off financially or economically, is there a migration strategy, and so on?

Combining group communication

Common technologies that PrioCom’s business partners encounter with customers are of course complete TETRA environments (DAMM, Motorola, Hytera) and DMR (Motorola, Hytera, Kenwood) systems. All these systems have their own specific characteristics but one important feature they have in common: group communication (through the feature squeeze / direct talk on the walkie-talkie). Especially in critical situations, voice is still the means of communication.

Group communication is therefore the basis of the PrioCom Push-To-Talk solution. With the introduction of our solution, new possibilities for customers arise: geographical freedom, (de)central control over the communication, location determination, lone worker protection options, integration of images, and so on. Things that traditional systems cannot offer. In our vision, it should be possible to integrate group communication from traditional systems, but even telephony, into the PrioCom environment. We have a technical solution that makes this possible.

In the PrioCom environment we are able to enable group communication between the above mentioned technologies both in the control room application and at user level. Here again, the strength of the PrioCom business model comes to the fore: we deliver the technical solution, but our business partners have knowledge of the traditional technology and do the setup and support: a win-win situation.

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