Maximum accessibility and safety for parking inspectors 

Egis Parking Services (EPS) Amsterdam

Egis Parking Services (EPS) offers an innovative and advanced parking solution for the entire digital process surrounding paid parking on the street in the municipality of Amsterdam. Clearly visible to residents, companies and visitors through the use of scan cars and scooters. EPS is innovative, uses the latest technologies and is constantly working to remain the most progressive parking company in the Netherlands.

Ahmed Daldal: “Amsterdam is a worldwide trendsetter in the field of parking solutions and has the most efficiently organized and advanced parking services for the entire digital process surrounding parking on the street. We are the world market leader in this. Before the Corona outbreak, we received a lot of visits from other cities from abroad to see our working method. Amsterdam has no fewer than 160,000 tax (parking) spaces and with advanced scan cars and a limited daily number of parking inspectors, our concept is unique.

Previously, we worked with two devices (one for communication based on Tetra and one for parking enforcement), which was not efficient and expensive. The Tetra-based communication system offered no future prospects for integration of speech and data and the desire for one device for our auditors.


Guaranteed solution

EPS has been working with PrioCom since the beginning of 2020 and is extremely satisfied.

Ahmed: “The reason we chose PrioCom is because of the maximum availability, accessibility and stability. PrioCom has achieved this, among other things, because capacity has been reserved on the T-Mobile 4G network especially for PrioCom users. This capacity is not accessible to non-critical users. Amsterdam has a number of blind spots where coverage is very poor for enforcers. We also need guaranteed coverage in those difficult locations, and with T-Mobile’s 4G network we have that.

At large events where there is a lot of activity (Sail, Gay Pride, concerts, football matches) our inspectors simply have to be able to do their job. The emergency call ensures that the enforcers in the cars and on the scooters are connected with one press of the emergency button with the control room. In general we have little contact with the owners of the vehicles, only when setting a wheel clamp there are sometimes threats or attempted physical or verbal abuse. Even if you only have to use the emergency button once a month, the system must be stable and reliable.

In addition, another advantage of the PrioCom solution is that it offers national coverage. This enabled us to also offer our services in Diemen and Weesp without additional investments in the communication system. ”

More reasons why EPS chooses PrioCom:

  • Guaranteed network coverage
  • Maximum availability and reliability
  • User-friendly in practice
  • Availability of a control room solution
  • Immediate and flexible employability
  • Good implementation and operation
  • One device
  • Cost effective
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