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In the Spotlights: The dispatcher

Every month, PrioCom puts a profession in the spotlight and explains how business and mission-critical communication contributes to the safety of employees and efficiency in operations.

As the spider in the web, the dispatcher has an important task in coordinating communication and directing employees. Location determination gives the operator a good overview of the employees connected to the mission-critical communication network. In addition, the operator coordinates the deployment and deals with questions from colleagues. But the most important role of the dispatcher is to act as a lifeline in case of an emergency: at the push of a button, you are directly connected to the switchboard operator. 

Especially in the case of an emergency call, the communication solution must provide the operator with maximum support: the dispatcher can immediately listen in to a colleague and see the current position on the map in order to call for help. Within half a second.

Depending on the severity of the emergency call, the operator takes action to provide assistance. The help can consist of various actions:
– reassure colleague;
– send colleagues to the (emergency) location;
– call the police/fire brigade/ambulance;
– give instructions to the person in distress;
– directing communication.


Naturally, there must be thorough knowledge of the various physical work environments and circumstances in order to immediately assess the actions to be taken by the dispatcher. The execution of this work requires a balanced and decisive personality.

The switchboard operator must have the mandate of the organisation to be able to function decisively. Communication is often critical in nature, requiring immediate action. Situations of life/death or progress and safety in the business process, cannot wait for extensive consultation structures.

A safe working environment is important to everyone. For this reason PrioCom delivers a control room application, available from any place with an internet connection.

This control room application offers a flexible working environment for the dispatcher, allowing him to fully perform his duties by
– group communication
– one to one communication
– priority calls
– handling of emergency calls
– current position of users visible on the map
– creating temporary call groups
– handling of (urgent) call requests
– sending/receiving text messages and photos
– map tools (including Geofencing)

PrioCom’s mission critical voice and data service uses the T-Mobile 4G network. A high availability of the network is realised by reserving capacity especially for PrioCom users. This capacity is not accessible for non-critical users and gives PrioCom users priority on the network over other users. This means that users are guaranteed communication always and everywhere.

Communication and security go hand-in-hand and PrioCom has some important rules of thumb, included in a compass with nine (9) certainties. Click on this link to read the full version of the nine certainties of the PrioCom compass.

PrioCom services (including the control room application) are available through selected business partners.

In case of an emergency, the operator relies on critical communication. With PrioCom’s communication solutions, priority over non-critical users on the network is guaranteed and immediate action can be taken. The control room application offers useful tools that increase the safety of employees. In life-and-death situations or critical business processes where every second counts, the operator can take immediate action and call for help.

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