Flexibility in Corona times

Almost everyone has to deal with working differently during these corona times. Workplaces are becoming time and distance independent as long as there are reliable connections. In the past year, we have noticed a strong increase in the demand for flexibility among our end users. This concerns not only new types of work but also the ability to work at other workstations than the fixed office workplace.


One of our business partners was asked to provide a complete environment (devices and control room solution) within a few days for security guards who had to lead students, at the reopening of the school, in the right direction in relation to the corona measures (keeping a distance, disinfection, walking lines, etc.). For this purpose, not traditional security guards were used, but hostesses from the events world, who set great store by customer-friendliness. Given this background, the communication solution used had to be simple, user-friendly but powerful. Something that our business partner and end users regularly give back as positive feedback. In order to be able to manage the system, a temporary incident room was set up in one of the school locations so that the system could be managed centrally from there. The total deployment involved more than 25 school locations in Amsterdam.

Decentralised control room options

We also received another important question: what are your decentralised control room options? Control room employees are the crucial link in managing and directing communication. Experienced and well-trained control room employees are almost always scarce. In order not to jeopardise the continuity of the control room, we were asked to think about solutions. On the one hand, we saw that control room employees had to go into quarantine but could still work, but not at their fixed workplaces. On the other hand, making enough fixed workplaces corona proof was not always possible, so that they had to work at a different location. PrioCom’s control room solution is not tied to a fixed location and can easily connect to the specific end customer environment via a secure (fixed) connection. The basic functionality is multi-user so that different control room employees can work decentrally and still see and hear from each other which processes they are managing.

With the above examples we have shown how flexible the PrioCom solution is.

Do you want to know more about flexibility and efficient working? Please contact our experts, we are happy to inform you!

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