BOA Public Transport at Qbuzz now always and everywhere available

Qbuzz transports 85 million passengers by bus, train or tram to their destination every year. Arjan van der Hoeven is Manager Service and Safety at Qbuzz and responsible for safety and employee service. Part of his focus are the BOAs Public Transport.

Good communication is very important for the work of BOAs in public transport. With the old walkie-talkie system, Qbuzz did not have an equally good range everywhere, which is important to guarantee the safety of employees, passengers and equipment. Also with the new control room with steel construction, the old system ran into problems. In addition, the old system was not suitable for future digitalisation. Therefore, Van der Hoeven was looking for a communication system that always works, regardless of the place, time or situation.
Together with our business partner Flash PMN, he found the ideal solution that optimises security and service.

Business partner Flash PMN recommended a service that consists of a professional control room application and robust smart phones that work with priority on the 4/5G network. This gives Qbuzz a modern application that can work together with other business applications, walkie-talkies that work like smartphones, and special priority SIM cards that give the user priority on the 4/5G network.

All communications take place in a securely protected part of the 4/5G network and are prioritised over consumer and other user communications. This ensures good coverage and guaranteed availability in case of heavy traffic. For the advanced Qbuzz control room in the new building with steel construction, Flash PMN also ensures perfect coverage inside. In addition, the option of using “one device” for multiple activities is efficient.
Qbuzz probably also wants to work with bodycams, a project for which is already underway. In vehicles, on platforms and at bus stops, cameras are already being used, with the images entering the control room. In the near future, Qbuzz wants to innovate and combine more applications on one device so that they can work even more efficiently.

As the only Secure Mobile Virtual Network Operator (S-MVNO), PrioCom offers you the next step in business and mission critical communication, anywhere the mobile 4/5G network has reach. Using ultra-rugged Android smart phones that work optimally with an advanced industry-standard Push-to-Talk application. Integrated into the nationwide T-Mobile network with priority. This eliminates the need for large investments, but provides a low monthly fee.

Are you curious about the possibilities we can offer you? Please contact us, without obligation, and we will be happy to discuss the matter with you.

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